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OUR VISION since 1958

Since April 1958 the “Cantina Sociale Veronese del Garda” has continued its commitment to gradual, constant growth: from just 11 initial members, there are now over 200 who contribute their grapes and bring to the Cantina Castelnuovo del Garda a harvest from approximately 1,000 hectares of vineyards.

The estate includes the hilly area south-east of Lake Garda and most of the vineyards lie in the controlled denomination of origin areas for Bardolino, Custoza, Lugana and Bardolino Superiore DOCG.

The entire territory under the municipalities of Castelnuovo del Garda, Sona, San Giorgio in Salici, Palazzolo, Peschiera, Sommacampagna, Colà, Lazise and Bardolino provides approximately 13,000,000 kilos of grapes.

The soil is of moraine origin, loose and stony; grapes are trellis or espalier trained, with a density of 3,300 up to 4,000/5,000 plants per hectare.

Cantina di Castelnuovo del Garda deals with promoting and distributing a wide range of products in Italy and abroad, enhancing their image through constant quality improvements. To achieve this members are renewing their technology, starting with purely natural operations on vines and entering the winery with state of the art pressing and vinification equipment.

Cantina di Castelnuovo


We manage our vineyards observing sustainability principles: in this respect we have been working over the years to select and control our vineyards to develop their potential to the utmost.

We have adopted Integrated Pest Control protocols, i.e. greatly restricted, controlled use of pesticides.

Spontaneously growing grass is used in all our vineyards to create a habitat rich in biodiversity regarding both plants and animals; methods such as alternating grass cutting between rows of vines create an environment in which insects useful for keeping vine parasites in check can thrive.

Because maintaining biodiversity is fundamental for our territory, we go beyond the vineyard boundaries to protect the surrounding areas (woods, wetlands, nesting areas) where many species can flourish.

To be sustainable and produce top quality grapes it is essential to apply all production methods properly: the technical area of the winery gives advice on precision viticulture, that is to say intervention limited to when and where necessary.

Since 2012 our winery has been using the main Italian protocols regarding sustainable viticulture, and we participate in the Italian Wine Union’s Tergeo project.

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